3 Things to Learn from Pokémon GO About the Future of Mobile Design

Sci-fi/fantasy was pretty big in my family growing up. Some of my favorite memories were crafted around Twilight Zone marathons, comic book stores, video games, fanfiction and online Star Wars communities. The power of these stories and their meditations on the human spirit led me to work in film for a little while before I started designing for tech companies (but that's another story).

Like a lot of film people who are crazy enough to craft worlds and perspectives from scratch, I've become very, very curious about trends in virtual reality. The developments happening are undoubtedly amazing, but we are still at least a few years away from watching VR take over consumer culture in an impactful way.

It's close, though. While the use of voice, AI and conversational interfaces continue to grow, the whole Pokémon GO craze of 2016 was another glimpse into subtle changes that are coming to the way we interact physically interact with our devices - and soon, the way we design for them.

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Patrici Flores