Product Designer bridging digital and human experience. Currently designing to help people find jobs they love @ SmartRecruiters in San Francisco, CA.

Intrigued by 🤖, 🎥, ✈️, 🎨 + 🌊 . Sees design way beyond pixels.

But speaking of pixels: I’ve most recently completed an end-to-end design (from scratch) for an highly-anticipated enterprise CRM product, advocated for candidate experience in hiring software, and worked on mobile and web in both the consumer and enterprise spaces. I often use service design to explore gaps and unseen connections in complex interactions among multiple end users and systems.

Big picture, full-cycle design is my strength. I have a trusty Psychology degree from UC Berkeley to thank for that, along with 7+ years of working with brands to advise on art, film, photography, graphic design, and creative strategy.

My side hustle is thinking about how new technologies may fit into practical use cases (360° VR filmmaking, writing for chatbots, service design for blockchain) and the impact and ethics of it all. My free time is yoga, cooking, traveling, and observing what makes all humans different… and the same.


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Research | UX | UI | Usability Testing | 2018

SmartRecruiters: Building Talent Communities


Strategy | Research | UX | UI | Rapid Prototyping | 2016

Redesigning WeTravel's

Trip Booking Flow



WeTravel Brand 


USABILITY | IA | UX | UI | 2016

StreamLoan iOS 


USER Research | Interviews | UX | 2016

Kinsa Generative Research


constructing stories in Photography, film, and Space

Alternative Perspectives


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“There are stars exploding around you, and there’s nothing—nothing, you can do”

from Ragnar Kjartansson’s The Visitors

Let’s have tea, think future, talk art, or build. I also take great SCIENCE fiction recommendations

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